An Urban Food Uprising

A short film about creating food resilient neighbourhoods in times of crisis

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When bushfires and a pandemic hit Australia in 2020, fresh produce skyrocketed in price, and supermarket shelves emptied. Tired of relying on fragile food systems, an inner-city Brisbane community, with the support of their local councillor, Jonathan Sri, planted an urban food uprising. A group of activists transformed abandoned plots into urban farms and orchards, gardening enthusiasts sprouted seedling swaps in their backyard, and neighbourhood residents planted sidewalk verges with shared edibles.


Mycelium: an Urban Food Uprising (12') is a film about resilience in the face of crisis, how a community challenges state ownership of land, and how growing and giving away fresh food is an act of resistance.



Winter Solstice Festival

Northey Street City Farm

19 June, 2021


High Valley Bloom

High Valley Dawn Permaculture Farm, Yeppoon

19 June, 2021


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Mycelium is a Film by Christine Schindler and Nathan Gibson

produced by Misha Ermingerova, Gabriel Reese and Jonathan Sri

Design elements by MEgan Keene and Anna Carlson